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displays & touch screens with embedded systems


The review of popular interfaces to image transfer – part 1
In this series of articles, we present the most popular interfaces used to data transfer, in this case – images, between devices providing data such as processors/controllers or computers and devices presenting data such as displays and monitors.
The visualization of information in smart buildings
Today, smart buildings are not only homes or offices, in which we can regulate each room's parameters like lighting or temperature via control panels. More and more often, we can find smart solutions in public space – these are, e.g., interactive systems of navigation used by, e.g., claimants in government offices.
Statement regarding current company’s operation
For over a year, the world is struggling with a COVID-19 pandemic. The current number of coronavirus cases comes to almost 128M. In this statement, you can find crucial information about Unisystem’s operation due to the changing epidemic conditions.
Incrediscope – a smart indoor navigation system
I'm sure that it happened to you many times. You are in a big building, like a hospital, university, or office, looking for that one room with number X. Finding your way from the entrance to your destination requires a lot of skill, asking around, and simply …getting lost.
Thank you for joining Embedded World 2021 Digital!
Last week was a very intensive time of digital networking for our team. For five days, the embedded community has gathered again to discuss new products, technical innovations and discover solutions presented by 301 international companies.
LCDs for demanding applications
What stands behind demanding applications? Generally speaking, we can say that these are various devices exposed to adverse factors. Among them, e.g., electromagnetic interferences, dusty or humid environments, prevailing weather conditions. They can impact the operation of the devices, even yielding damage to the module. What to do to prevent such situations?
New solutions of Spanpixel series by Litemax
Check out new solutions by Litemax available on Unisystem’s offer – 37-inch wide-screen LCDs of the Spanpixel series, which will go well with digital signage applications.
A new dimension of the Embedded World 2021 Digital
Embedded World 2021 Digital is going to start on March 1. For the first time in history, it will be held only online and last up to 5 days! It will also be our debut at the event in this format, so… fingers crossed.
Ambient Light vs. Display Brightness - a Few Practical Tips
How to fit the display brightness to the ambient brightness? Mainly it depends on the display technology - all in all, not every solution is a source of light, so not every solution is specified with the “brightness” parameter.
Riverdi’s LCDs for Industry
On Unisystem's offer, there are three 10.1-inch LCDs by Riverdi (RVT101HVLNWC00, RVT101HVLNWC00-B, and RVT101HVLNWN00), which will go well with industrial applications. In the article, we indicate the differences between each of these products.

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