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displays & touch screens with embedded systems


Embedded World 2021 Digital – Let’s meet again (but in a different way)
This year’s event will be different than the ones we are used to. First of all – we will meet online. Secondly – we will have five days to show you our products and talk about projects. And last but not least...
WEX025664B Series by Winstar
In this article, we remind WEX025664B series by Winstar – a 3.12-inch graphic OLED displays, which you can use in, e.g., industry.
31.5-inch LCD by AUO with an Extended Operating Temperature Range
P320HVN07.0 is a 31.5-inch LCD, which can be profitably used in outdoor applications due to the extended operating temperature range (-20~60°C).
4-inch Square LCDs by Winstar
Soon, on the Unisystem’s offer, there will be available subsequent products by Winstar – two 4-inch square LCDs support MIPI DSI interface. In this article, we point out the applications in which they can be successfully used (these are not only smartphones, tablets, or laptops!).
The summary of 2020 and plans for 2021
The end of the year is a traditional time for summaries and making plans for the coming 12 months. For us, it is a subsequent occasion to present our achievements and state our plans, as well as recall our most relevant values.
How long will your LCD last? – a few words about LED life time
In one of the previous articles in Uni’s ABC series, we have discussed the crucial parameters of LCDs, pointing out, e.g., resolution, brightness, contrast ratio, or viewing angles, which impact the readability of the presented content. In some applications, there is also another worth noticing factor, that is, the LED’s durability.
Statement regarding the company’s operation between 24/12/2020 and 04/01/2021
We kindly inform you that between December 24th and 27th, 2020, our company is closed. All orders placed during this period will proceed as soon as possible after December 28th, 2020.
37-inch LCDs by AUO
The 37-inch P370IVN02.2, P370IVN03.1, and P370IVN04.0 LCDs by AUO can be count among PIDs (Public Information Displays). In the article, we indicate a few applications in which you can successfully use these solutions.
USEC and USEM by Unisystem – the application of EPDs in public space
USECs and USEMs are two display solutions based on E Ink's EPDs developed by the Unisystem's team. They can also be used by companies that do not have appropriate resources, both human and equipment.
Industrial Embedded Computers by Advantech – ARK Series
On the Unisystem offer, there are not only displays, monitors, and touch panels, but also other equipment that is crucial to provide proper functioning of these components, e.g., industrial embedded computers. In this article, we present one of them – the ARK Series by Advantech.

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