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37.6-inch digital signage solutions by AUO
AUO presents more displays with high contrast, a wide range of operating temperatures, and full viewing angles – among them, the 37.6-inch P370IVN04.1 model, which is characterized by exceptionally high brightness (2500 cd/m2). Such specification allows to use it even in intensely lit places. All of them will be perfect for...
Christmas greetings from the Management Board and Unisystem employees
The end of December is a time for everyone to catch their breath, including us. A time of rest, warmth, joy, and celebration of entering the New Year...
Versatile OLED displays from Winstar
For the last time this year, we would like to present another set of advanced solutions by Winstar – compact but still very versatile OLED graphic displays. They are distinguished by several unique parameters – the described modules are resistant to extreme temperatures and offer a very high contrast ratio, typical of this technology, but that’s not all…
EMC tests – what are they, and why are they necessary?
Your new product. An advanced device intended for the military, medical, transport, or simply consumer sector. Developed down to the smallest detail for several months or even years. Great commitment from your entire team – tens if not hundreds of hours of engineers’ and other specialists’ work. When everything is seemingly ready to introduce your new product...
Statement regarding the company’s operation at the turn of 2021 and 2022
The beginning of December is traditionally a time to look for gifts for our loved ones and to plan the time to spend with the family on the occasion of the upcoming holidays...
E-paper in color - how does it work?
We have already talked about e-paper many times. This is a topic that becomes more and more interesting with the passage of time and the rapid development of this technology. We have presented the more interesting EPDs (Electronic Paper Display) but also the history of the beginnings and evolution of such solutions, as well as their exemplary applications in selected environments. We have mentioned color variants of e-paper almost everywhere...
The WF70A2 series by Winstar
Winstar's solutions for industrial applications frequently appear in our publications. No wonder – it has been one of the leading manufacturers of LCDs and OLEDs in the world for over 23 years, focusing on products for more demanding applications. The models from the new WF70A2 series are one of many examples that the high quality of Winstar displays results from their many years of experience and knowledge.
Advanced solution by Litemax - LCD with Intel® processors
Litemax, one of the most important partners of the Unisystem for 10 years, offers solutions that use the latest technologies. It is worth taking a closer look at the models from this manufacturer that can act as integrated media players - this is possible thanks to the use of the Intel® Smart Display Module system.
A year full of changes - Unisystem in new headquarters
Before the summer holidays in 2020, we informed about the plans of expanding our headquarters. In September 2021, we managed to complete the construction phase of the investment as planned. The next stage is the one most awaited by us - moving in!
Capacitive touch panels - how do they work?
There are several technologies available on the market that are used in the production process of touchscreens. Devices with integrated touch-sensitive displays are already present everywhere, and their users can encounter potentially many different solutions daily. Modules used in, e.g., car navigations will differ from those installed in ATMs in terms of...

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