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displays & touch screens with embedded systems


Litemax – the highest quality since 2000
Unisystem is cooperating with Litemax for almost a decade. Since the beginning, the LCDs of the Spanpixel and Durapixel series are the most frequently chosen solutions by our customers. That is why Litemax is one of the essential...
55-inch LCD by BOE
We extend Unisystem’s offer with subsequent BOE’s display solution – a 55-inch LCD (DV550FHM-NV8) destined to indoor applications, e.g., digital signage.
The 3.9-inch wide-screen displays by Winstar
In this article, we want to present three 3.9-inch solutions: WF39CTIASDNN0#, WF39BTLASDNN0#, and WF39BSQASDNN0#, pointing out their key parameters and potential applications.
What is a defective pixel, aka a bad pixel?
Imagine when you activate your brand new device and notice a tiny imperfection on your screen. A bad pixel!, how dare you? Unfortunately, it seems that you should get familiar with this unlucky bastard, because not each manufacturer will be...
36.6-inch LCD by AUO for transportation
There will be a new AUO's display on Unisystem's offer soon – a wide-screen 36.6-inch P366IVN01.0. Its format brings to mind the various types of transportation applications, but it can also be used in other areas, e.g., as an advertising medium.
E Ink Gallery – a new kind of color e-paper
The emerging 28-inch E Ink Gallery by E Ink and Innolux is based on ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) technology – a refined version of color e-paper.
The development and passion – our plans for coming years
All the entries dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Unisystem were a great journey to the beginnings with all the memories of people that co-created the company's history. It was also a unique occasion to recall values that accompany our day-to-day work...
Technology and business – ten years full of passion
For me, the history of Unisystem is most of all a story of great people with whom I work (or used to work), a story of implementing the technologies, and a story of enduring and dynamic development of the company, which I am co-creating. I am proud of all these stories.
25 years of Unisystem – hard beginnings and rapid growth
Slawomir Szweda, founder and CEO of Unisystem, talks about how the company was founded, why displays and what has changed since the 1990s.
Tailored-made touch panels
What connects buying a public transportation ticket, ordering a meal in fast food restaurant, and receiving or dispatching of a package?

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