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Teamwork stimulates, inspires, helps to take a broader view of our environment, and teaches compromise and joint decision-making.

Almost 50-inch display for digital signage from AUO
AUO introduces the second version of the display, already available in Unisystem's offer - it is the next step in the evolution of solutions for the digital signage area.
Summary of the first quarter of 2022 and Easter wishes
The first quarter of 2022 is behind us. From the very beginning, we knew that this year would be challenging for the industry but, at the same time, full of changes and optimism. It will get better soon. We believe that each change is an opportunity we should take advantage of.
Impressive releases from Litemax
Litemax is proving its expertise in producing high-quality solutions for digital signage. In addition to the Durapixel series, characterized by its extended lifetime, the end-users may pay special attention to the models from the Spanpixel family.
Unisystem in 2022 – big plans, significant changes, and a lot of good energy
At the beginning of the year, we mentioned that soon we would tell you more about our plans for subsequent months. 2021 was full of changes, but 2022 will also be revolutionary for Unisystem.
AUO and Unisystem – our story
We must admit that we like to celebrate anniversaries. Today is the opportunity to remind that since 2012 you can find AUO displays in Unisystem`s offer. This Taiwanese dynamically developing manufacturer currently employs over 38,000 people around the world, incl. Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, USA, and Europe.
Display technologies for Internet of Things
Intelligent technologies based on the Internet connection are constantly developing. They are also more and more present in various areas of our lives. Devices that interact with each other and operate within the Internet of Things (or “IoT”) are particularly noteworthy. There were over 21 billion such pieces of electronic equipment in the world in 2021. And for sure, this number has been predicted in the forecasts... for the year 2025. This means that the IoT market is growing at a much faster pace than it was assumed until recently.
Close cooperation instead of task delegation – a few words about project management
The very process of introducing new products to the market does not matter from the perspective of the end customer. Regardless of the course of the project, the final device must be adequately functional and meet specific requirements. The vast majority of currently available equipment is made correctly from a technical perspective – however, "correctly" is usually only...
Digital signage (not only) for transport applications – wide-screen LCD by AUO
The P366IVN01.0 model, after almost two years of presence in Unisystem’s catalog, is replaced by its newer version: P366IVN01.1. Like its predecessor, the latest product from AUO is distinguished by a combination of a wide format with excellent parameters and versatility. High contrast, long LED life, and resistance to extreme temperatures will prove helpful both in transport...
Small but efficient OLED display by Winstar
Unisystem's offer has just been supplemented with another OLED display by Winstar: WEO064128AWPP3N0Y000. It can be used in applications where the screen focuses most, if not all, of the user’s attention. It is about not only the interfaces of portable multimedia devices but also control panels and various measuring instruments.

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