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Passion drives development – a few words about our last investment
A little over a year ago, we wrote about the plans related to our investment in a new, larger headquarter. Today we can proudly announce that we have completed the construction part of the project. Our 25th anniversary, celebrated last year, coincided with the start of our most significant investment so far: the construction of a new headquarters.
Industrial grade motherboards by Advantech – AIMB series
It has been the second year since Unisystem has joined Advantech`s network as an official partner. Thanks to this cooperation, various innovative IoT solutions constantly expand our offer of displays, screens, and touch panels. This article will take a closer look at several products from the industrial-grade motherboards category - the AIMB Series.
Information in mass transit - displays for public transport
Displays in public transportation perform several functions. Smaller models are present in the vehicles themselves, e.g., in ticket validators. Large-format variants are visible at most railway stations and bus stops. All of them, though, are used to inform passengers about route details, current weather conditions, or - most importantly - departure and arrival times, as well as possible schedule changes.
Portable e-paper solution – spread the e-paper technology over the office
We often write about the advantages of e-paper displays and how widely they can be used in various types of applications - not only those most associated with paper. Today we want to mention how e-paper displays have settled in the office space.
E-paper and its capabilities – let us surprise you!
E-paper displays seem to settle in on the display market. It is not only the e-book readers which are most associated with e-paper. Electronic labels, information boards, advertising carriers, or even architectural decorative elements - this technology...
Unusual form with the usual quality – square LCD series by AUO

AUO had quite the representation of its products in the Unisystem’s offer so far – from sturdy, weather-resistant wide-screen displays fitting perfectly for various transportation applications through solutions dedicated to digital signage (f.e dual-sided constructions) and even smart shelf displays.

Interactive touch – how to communicate with the device?
Touch panels are now one of the most popular „middle man” solutions when it comes to interaction between a human and a device placed in a public space. They are pretty much everywhere now – whenever we are buying a ticket for a bus or train, ordering lunch in any fast food joint, withdrawing money from an ATM, picking up a package, or paying for groceries, there is probably some kind of touch panel that makes it possible. What makes them still growing in popularity?
EVE4 – an innovative smart display series by Riverdi
Unisystem will soon expand its offer with a new, smart display-type solution from Riverdi - the EVE4 (Embedded Video Engine) line, a combination of a high brightness screen for industrial applications with the BT817Q controller, which is mainly associated with the consumer market. Available before long in sizes from 3.5 to 10.1 inches.
What is E-Paper? Evolution of technology
"It’s not the same as a real paper, I much prefer a book, the scent of paper, ink, and glue to this tablet" - a similar statement could be heard several years ago when e-book readers using e-paper technology were starting to exist in the minds of ...
Bright and durable LCDs by Litemax
Some time ago we wrote about the addition of new Litemax Spanpixel series solutions to Unisystem's offer, great for digital signage systems. This time, our catalog is joined by several models from Durapixel series - the 1566-I, 1568-I and 1569-I - characterized not only by an exceptionally long lifetime but also by increased brightness.

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