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displays & touch screens with embedded systems


Interactive touch – how to communicate with the device?
Touch panels are now one of the most popular „middle man” solutions when it comes to interaction between a human and a device placed in a public space. They are pretty much everywhere now – whenever we are buying a ticket for a bus or train, ordering lunch in any fast food joint, withdrawing money from an ATM, picking up a package, or paying for groceries, there is probably some kind of touch panel that makes it possible. What makes them still growing in popularity?
EVE4 – an innovative smart display series by Riverdi
Unisystem will soon expand its offer with a new, smart display-type solution from Riverdi - the EVE4 (Embedded Video Engine) line, a combination of a high brightness screen for industrial applications with the BT817Q controller, which is mainly associated with the consumer market. Available before long in sizes from 3.5 to 10.1 inches.
What is E-Paper? Evolution of technology
"It’s not the same as a real paper, I much prefer a book, the scent of paper, ink, and glue to this tablet" - a similar statement could be heard several years ago when e-book readers using e-paper technology were starting to exist in the minds of ...
Bright and durable LCDs by Litemax
Some time ago we wrote about the addition of new Litemax Spanpixel series solutions to Unisystem's offer, great for digital signage systems. This time, our catalog is joined by several models from Durapixel series - the 1566-I, 1568-I and 1569-I - characterized not only by an exceptionally long lifetime but also by increased brightness.
The WF43V series by Winstar
The successor of the WF43H model series has just appeared in Unisystem's offer - the 4.3-inch LCD-TFT display produced by Winstar, available in several different variants. Depending on the needs of the project itself, these screens can be used in many ...
The review of popular interfaces to image transfer – part 2
In this series of articles, we present the most popular interfaces used to data transfer, in this case – images, between devices providing data such as processors/controllers or computers and devices presenting data such as displays and monitors.
AUO’s new, over 40-inch displays for digital signage
AUO introduces new solutions for the digital signage area quite regularly - the Unisystem’s offer is joined by the 42.8-inch P420IVN03.0 and the 49.5-inch P495IVN01.0, both using hiTNI technology.
85-inch LCDs by Litemax
A few days ago, the biggest LCDs available on Uniystem’s offer were 65-inch products of the 6500-A series by Litemax. Today, the label of “the biggest LCDs on Unisystem’s offer” goes to 85-inch solutions of 8500-I series, also by Litemax.
Displays for IoT
We are surrounded by various IoT solutions. Our experience shows that in some applications, we can refer to specific “standards”, e.g., in wearables, commonly used are OLED displays. In this article, we describe three exemplary IoT devices, indicating which display technologies ...
Winstar’s 5-inch LCDs compatible with Raspberry Pi
On Unisystem’s offer, you can find two 5-inch LCDs by Winstar to connect directly with Raspberry Pi minicomputers. These solutions can be used in amateur as well as professional applications.

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