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Tailored-made touch panels
What connects buying a public transportation ticket, ordering a meal in fast food restaurant, and receiving or dispatching of a package?
Now and then – 25 years of Unisystem
Please celebrate with us for the whole month. Although it will be virtual, we firmly believe that we all will meet again in person soon.
Ultrawide displays by Winstar
There are several bar type displays in the Unisystem’s offer, such as two 5.2-inch WF52ATLASDNN0# and WF52BTIASDNG0# by Winstar. They are widely used in various applications due to their universal parameters.
Cost-effective IPS displays by AUO
Let’s get familiar with two cost-effective IPS displays by AUO – 21.5-inch T215HVN01.1 and 23.8-inch M238HVN01.0. Our customers widely use them due to optimal sizes and attractive prices.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Liquid Crystals (but You Were Afraid To Ask)
This article is our subjective chit with only the most essential information about the liquid crystals...
New content, new categories – a few words about coming changes
We are introducing our new categorization of content that appears on our website...
The new circular LCDs by Winstar
There are two new circular LCDs on Unisystem’s offer – monochrome WO128128A series by Winstar.
New cleanroom – new opportunities for Unisystem
We've decided to remake our cleanroom. Now it is a room of 45 m2 with ten workstations and ...
Displays for IoT applications
The tentative calculations indicate the explosive growth of devices connected and controlled by the Internet – it is said that the number of IoT devices will rise from 30 billion in 2020 to 75 billion in 2025. In this article, we...
Board's statement regarding the Company's current operation
We care about the health of our Employees and the obligations to our Business Partners. Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, we want to inform you about the range of preventives implemented in our company.

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