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Squarepixel series – subsequent non-standard LCDs by Litemax
Recently you get to know two series of LCDs by Litemax – Spanpixel and Durapixel. However, on the Litemax’s offer, there are also non-standard LCDs as, e.g., circular LCD. In this article, we present other products that might be called “non-standard” – the Squarepixel series.
7-inch Android tablet by Riverdi
RiTAB-70, the new 7-inch tablet by Riverdi, is now available on Unisystem’s offer. This solution will go well with various public space applications due to additional frame and stand.
The Crucial Parameters of LCD-TFTs – Get to Know Them Before the Final Choice
No doubt, the LCD-TFTs are still the most popular components to visualize the information used in various applications. Their universality is determined by, e.g., straightforward adjusting the LCD-TFTs to the project requirements – you can not only choose the optimal size but also customize the parameters of the display.
Color e-paper displays by E Ink
Recently, a new gadget for enthusiasts of e-books entered the market – a colorful e-reader with one of the e-paper displays, which is E Ink Kaleido. However, it is one of a dozen applications that may take advantage of...
New OLEDs by Winstar on Unisystem’s offer
We expand the Unisystem’s offer by the introduction of new OLEDs by Winstar. These are WEO009632B, WEO009664A, WEA012832F, WEA012864L, and WEH001601B put to use in a wide range of applications. We can provide off-the-shelf samples in two colorways that are white or yellow.
Wide-Screen Displays? You Do Not Realize How Often You Use Them!
Households, transportation, retail, digital signage, or industry – in all of these areas, we use devices equipped with screens that often are in wide-screen shape. However, these displays do not always occur in the aspect ratio commonly associated with a wide-screen shape that is...
Board's Statement regarding trade fairs participation in 2020
For Unisystem attending the trade fairs has always been one of the most important actions in the whole year. We always appreciate the professional organization, as well as the ability to meet the international public. That is why we
Dual-Sided Displays by AUO
Dual-sided advertisement on the LCDs? No doubt, it is achievable – you just need to install two displays back-to-back. Unfortunately, this kind of constructions leaves much to be desired – they are awkward (because of their dimensions and weight) and unaesthetic (what to do with the protrusive wires?). However, it seems that...
Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures – What Stands Behind the IP65 Code?
The required protection of the devices is provided by the enclosures of appropriate tightness described with IP codes which are defined by the Polish EN 60529 norm (it corresponds to an international IEC 60 529 norm). In the article, we give a few prompts that will help you to breakdown the IP codes.
Smart Display – a new series by Winstar
Get to know a new series by Winstar – Smart Display. These are out of the box solutions, which enable you to create a device's interface on your's own with a set of standard UI objects such as, e.g., meters and gauges, buttons, sliders, graphs, process progress icons.

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