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Over 20 years of presence on the market


Cleanrooms are used in almost every industry, everywhere where small particles may adversely affect manufacturing or components assembly process. The aim of working in cleanroom is to reduce the impact of small-size pollution originating from particles such as dust or pollens and to control crucial parameters like temperature, pressure and humidity.


Cleanroom is a part of montage department in Unisystem. Thanks to our own high purity backroom, we can ensure complex tasks like:

  • bonding touch screens to displays (both resistive and capacitive)
  • adding layers to displays: antireflective (AR), antiglare (AG), antifingerprint (AF), hard coating (HC)
  • adding safety glass to displays
  • full optical inspection before and after production
  • laminating touch screen sensors to customized glass

Moreover, we perform the following actions in the scope of production process:

  • programming and calibrating – so that every product leaving our cleanroom is customer-tailored
  • testing – so that client has a guarantee of quality and is certain of products reliability
  • picking and SMD montage – to heighten services complexity
  • assembling complete modules and devices – so that client can run the application quicker

We also offer:

  • controller and interface boards montage services
  • possibility of adding a frame and montage accessories according to clients' needs
  • possibility of adding cables and wires according to clients' wishes