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Apex Material Technology Corporation (AMT) is a company established in 1998. It is located in Taiwan. AMT is the designer and manufacturer of durable, high quality products for industrial applications, mainly resistive and capacitive touch panels. The products meet the EMI standards for the military and medical industry and have a wide operating temperature range which significantly expands the number of possible applications. Customers appreciate AMT Co. for very good product quality, reliability and immediate support service. AMT's mission is to provide customer satisfaction regarding products and services.

As one of the key touch panel suppliers, AMT offers a wide range of products including:

Resistive touch panels (RTP)

RTP controllers

Capacitive touch panels (CTP)

CTP controllers

AMT products can be applied in:

Industrial machinery

AMT products undergo a series of tests to ensure durability and stability. AMT touch panels are ideal for use in industrial control systems, HMIs, central control systems, etc.

Medical equipment

AMT ensures the reliability of its products. Used by AMT technology enables to operate the panel when working in gloves what makes the products ideal for medical applications.

Public information

The resistance of AMT products on external factors makes them perfect to apply in public utilities such as ticket machines, kiosks and information points.


AMT products are known for their dificcult weather conditions resistance and quality what make them an excellent choice for applying in various types of vehicles, aircraft systems, etc.

Unisystem is the official distributor of AMT products.

For more detailed information, please visit the manufacturer's website at www.amtouch.com.tw or contact our sales department.