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March 24
New affordable 7-inch IPS line from Winstar
Winstar – the leading manufacturer of displays for industrial applications – has expanded its offer with a series WF70A8. It contains four models of 7-inch TFT LCDs at very competitive prices
March 3
LCDs for demanding applications
What stands behind demanding applications? Generally speaking, we can say that these are various devices exposed to adverse factors. Among them, e.g., electromagnetic interferences, dusty or humid environments, prevailing weather conditions. They can impact the operation of the devices, even yielding damage to the module. What to do to prevent such situations?
September 8
Wide-Screen Displays? You Do Not Realize How Often You Use Them!
Households, transportation, retail, digital signage, or industry – in all of these areas, we use devices equipped with screens that often are in wide-screen shape. However, these displays do not always occur in the aspect ratio commonly associated with a wide-screen shape that is...
April 8
The visualization of information in smart buildings
Today, smart buildings are not only homes or offices, in which we can regulate each room's parameters like lighting or temperature via control panels. More and more often, we can find smart solutions in public space – these are, e.g., interactive systems of navigation used by, e.g., claimants in government offices.