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Knowledge base

New cleanroom – new opportunities for Unisystem
We've decided to remake our cleanroom. Now it is a room of 45 m2 with ten workstations and ...
Displays for IoT applications
The tentative calculations indicate the explosive growth of devices connected and controlled by the Internet – it is said that the number of IoT devices will rise from 30 billion in 2020 to 75 billion in 2025. In this article, we...
Intelligent displays for IoT from Riverdi
Internet of Things (IoT) – this password was once unknown, but now often appearing in public spaces. Increasingly widespread use of electronics and Internet connection in everyday objects causes that we demand hardware solutions that meet this...
E-paper and interactive elements – explore new opportunities
EPD technology works best for static applications with interactive elements. The biggest problem was the low refresh rate of the shown image. Currently, we can display information using various modes that differ not only in frequency but also in the accuracy of the mapping. Thanks to such a solution...
AMT shows how to improve the visibility in outdoor applications
For outdoor applications utilizing the LCD TFT displays the readability of the shown information is crucial – especially in the direct sunlight. Nowadays during the construction process of PCAP touch panel manufacturers use one of
Displays for transportation applications
Research shows that the most important criteria for people, who choose public transport, are the quality of the provided service, the comfort of travel, as well as the timeliness, and legibility of information about it. To ensure the passengers’ satisfaction LCD modules, which are used in transport information systems, should be adapted to long-lasting, continuous operation and ...
E-paper modules as a response to the market demands
Due to the growing market interest in e-paper displays and the troublesome installation of these displays in large sizes, Unisystem has developed mechanical modules, so-called open frames, that allow easy integration of EPD (E-paper Display) panels in the end applications.
Optical bonding – what is important when choosing a contractor
Optical bonding is used to laminate touchscreens or cover glass to display. A special glue and a unique manufacturer's technology are required...
Displays in Internet of Things
For most IoT applications, you need a suitable display. To facilitate the selection, below we present three most popular options with their advantages and disadvantages.
E-paper applications – crucial things you should know
There exist a lot of online articles listing unique characteristics and advantages of e-paper. I suppose, you have already read them all. But are you convinced that you are really acquainted with EPD...
E-paper – revolution in digital signage

According to IHS, the digital signage display market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.2% from 2018 to 2021. With the fast growing trend of IoT, AI and Big Data, digital signage becomes...

Touch screens customization

To succeed, currently launched on the market devices have to offer clients something more than just good technical parameters or reliability. Nowadays, clients expect that the product have also an attractive look...

Antireflective coating

The touch screen’s surface possesses by default a light reflection factor of 1:9 (ca. 11%). This ratio can be reduced up to 1:50 (2%) by using a variety of antireflection coatings. Low reflection factor is crucial especially in outdoor applications...

7-inch industrial IPS display with 1280 x 800 resolution

Modern displays manufacturers design them mainly according to the end customer type. On the one hand, it is possible to distinguish typical industrial applications and, on the other, consumer ones. Both groups of applications are designed to operate under different environmental conditions. They require different functionalities and, a as a result, displays features are usually adjusted to the market and often exclude each other.

Controllers for E Ink e-paper displays - one technology, two different solutions

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) displays are present on world electronics market for many years but their range of applications has been limited so far. At present, an array of possible applications has been extended thanks to the development of technology.

Glass thickness and capacitive touch screens

Industrial displays equipped with capacitive touch screens are often prone to mechanical damage and vandalism (e-kiosks, cash registers, game machines, cash machines, vending machines and most outdoor applications). Therefore, the problem of immunity to mechanical damages of such devices becomes extremely...