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Knowledge base

What is a defective pixel, aka a bad pixel?
Imagine when you activate your brand new device and notice a tiny imperfection on your screen. A bad pixel!, how dare you? Unfortunately, it seems that you should get familiar with this unlucky bastard, because not each manufacturer will be...
Tailored-made touch panels
What connects buying a public transportation ticket, ordering a meal in fast food restaurant, and receiving or dispatching of a package?
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Liquid Crystals (but You Were Afraid To Ask)
This article is our subjective chit with only the most essential information about the liquid crystals...
How to protect displays?
In this article, we describe the features of several ways of protecting displays. They do not only preserve the electronic device but also act in users' favor.
Local Dimming – LCDs’ Improved Picture Quality
In recent years, LCDs with LEDs getting more and more advanced. One of the functionalities of LCDs with LEDs is local dimming. The LED-backlight adapts to the displayed picture, enhancing the difference between dark and bright areas...
Full color eco e-paper
The 13.3-inch Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) is the cutting-edge solution designed by E Ink. This eye-catching solution is the next step in e-paper evolution. It is colorful as LCD but also eco as e-paper...
The Antibacterial Coating For Life
The largest bacterial habitat at the airport? The touch screen of the self-check-in kiosk. It has been estimated that on average there are over...
Anti-shatter touch screens
AMT Anti-shatter Film prevents the spread of glass shards after module damage. Numerous tests have shown that no glass fragments from a broken touch panel or LCD will get out of the module protected by the described coating, even if...
Touch Screens with Antibacterial Shields
The problem of bacteria transfer through touch screens has been raised by doctors and scientists for several years. Just 5 seconds is enough for bacteria to appear on our hands from the device we use. The AMT company – a manufacturer of touch panels for industrial and medical applications – introduced products with antibacterial coating, which can be also used in public places.
AMT PhotoReal Decor Glass
AMT has developed a new method of printing on glass substrates, which allows true color high quality graphics, even with a gradients. Currently, the company is the only manufacturer in the world that is able to manufacture touch screens with photorealistic graphics imprinted...
Touch screens structures

Currently, there are available on the market several types of touch screen structures. Such extended diversity relates to the application requirements. Selection of the most proper touch screen depends on the desired functionalities and the environment...

E-paper – modern technology also in industrial applications

E-paper displays are a novelty in Unisystem offer. Unisystem has decided to expand the offer because the technology of manufacturing industrial EPD displays is already developed enough to be successfully used in a variety of industrial applications...