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Litemax is a Taiwanese company founded in 2000 that is not only a leader on the high brightness, sunlight readable industrial display market. Thanks to rich experience in resizing, customization and industrial computing, Litemax raised the standards of industrial-grade displays, digital signage applications and embedded computing to enable intelligent vertical market platforms on the global scale.

Wide spectrum and high product quality allows to create high-performing, ultra-efficient digital signage applications and embedded computing. The company has a strong position as a supplier of Digital Signage systems. Litemax displays have been successfully implemented in many projects involving i.a. industrial television systems, multimedia monitors, ATM & Kiosk, outdoor advertisements and information points. Litemax displays are used on large wall displays, in boats, buses and military equipment.

In 2006 Litemax merged WynMax, a well-known IPC designer. This combination allows to integrate additional technologies in scope of industrial computers. Merged companies offer industrial motherboards, panel PCs, box PCs and other industrial computing solutions.

Spanpixel™ - Resizing LCDs

Litemax became a world pioneer and leader in LCD resizing solutions. The company learned how to cut the glass, polarizers, circuits and circuit boards to a new size without losing the original performance. Spanpixel displays has ultra-wide, customized aspect ratio and are available in sizes from 6” to 49”.

Durapixel™ - Sunlight readable LCDs

The name of the line comes from word “durability”. Durapixel displays are created with use of Litemax advanced LED brightness technology to provide high brightness and long MTBF Life over 70,000 hours. They are perfect for demanding environments.

Navpixel™ - Marine Computing

Navpixel is a series of Marine displays and panel PCs. They have rugged construction, wide temperature range and are waterproof (IP65/68 certified). Navpixel displays are perfect to apply in submarines, yachts or any other maritime structures guaranteeing high quality and excellent performance.

Modular Panel PCs

Modular Panel PC Solution is flexible and cost-effective way to integrate fanless box PC and LCD displays. The solution contains all crucial elements - a powerful ultra slim fanless box PC, an open/close frame monitor, integration brackets and required software support.

Panel PCs

Litemax's panel PCs with high brightness industrial LCD display can be freely matched with any RuggCore depending on the expectations. It can be used in different solutions for marine, medical, industrial and defense applications.

RuggCore™ - Box PCs

Litemax Industrial Computing Division (formerly WynMax Technologies) offers comprehensive RuggCore portfolio offering industrial, intelligent box PCs. Products can be customized upon request.

Embedded Motherboards

Litemax Industrial Computing Division (formerly WynMax Technologies) created versatile motherboard portfolio. In the offer, there are industrial, advanced boards of various form factors. Products can be customized upon request.

For more detailed information, please visit the manufacturer's website at www.litemax.com.tv or contact our sales department.