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November 15
Litemax Smart Shelf display system - the future of store shelves
Litemax has in offer a family of displays named SSD2755 that are LCD screens with LED backlight and a modern MVA matrix that provides full viewing angles...
November 7
New TFT displays with IPS matrix by Winstar
Winstar Co. which is one of the world-largest manufacturers of LCD and OLED displays, has recently expanded its offer with two TFT displays equipped with IPS matrix...
October 18
7-inch industrial IPS display with 1280 x 800 resolution

Modern displays manufacturers design them mainly according to the end customer type. On the one hand, it is possible to distinguish typical industrial applications and, on the other, consumer ones. Both groups of applications are designed to operate under different environmental conditions. They require different functionalities and, a as a result, displays features are usually adjusted to the market and often exclude each other.

October 9
Antireflective coating

The touch screen’s surface possesses by default a light reflection factor of 1:9 (ca. 11%). This ratio can be reduced up to 1:50 (2%) by using a variety of antireflection coatings. Low reflection factor is crucial especially in outdoor applications...

October 9
Touch screens structures

Currently, there are available on the market several types of touch screen structures. Such extended diversity relates to the application requirements. Selection of the most proper touch screen depends on the desired functionalities and the environment...

September 20
Unisystem on TRAKO 2017 in Gdansk, Poland

We invite you to join us during the 12th International Railway Fair TRAKO 2017 that take place in the AMBER EXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre in Gdansk , Poland on 26th – 29th September 2017. It is prestigious and the largest in Poland and the second largest in Europe meeting of the railway transport sector.

September 6
Controllers for E Ink e-paper displays - one technology, two different solutions

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) displays are present on world electronics market for many years but their range of applications has been limited so far. At present, an array of possible applications has been extended thanks to the development of technology.

August 1
IoT modules – the Internet of Things closer to the user

Internet of Things (IoT) is a new, fast-growing business trend all over the world. Increasingly popular use of electronics and Internet connections in everyday life, extends the demand for new hardware platforms.

July 3
E-paper – modern technology also in industrial applications

E-paper displays are a novelty in Unisystem offer. Unisystem has decided to expand the offer because the technology of manufacturing industrial EPD displays is already developed enough to be successfully used in a variety of industrial applications...

June 5
Glass thickness and capacitive touch screens

Industrial displays equipped with capacitive touch screens are often prone to mechanical damage and vandalism (e-kiosks, cash registers, game machines, cash machines, vending machines and most outdoor applications). Therefore, the problem of immunity to mechanical damages of such devices becomes extremely...

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