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36.6-inch LCD by AUO for transportation


There will be a new AUO's display on Unisystem's offer soon – a wide-screen 36.6-inch P366IVN01.0. Its format brings to mind the various types of transportation applications, but it can also be used in other areas, e.g., as an advertising medium. 

The brightness of P366IVN01.0 has been defined at 700 cd/m2 so it holds good mainly in indoor applications – the presented content would be perfectly readable even in the intensely lighted spaces. It is adapted to operate 24/7 with the LED lifetime estimated at least at 70 000 h. The P366IVN01.0 also marks by a wide operation temperature range (from -20° to 60°C). What is more, it stands out among other similar solutions by an excellent price (contact us to get a quotation). It is worth noticing that the described model does not contain Driver Board which should be purchased on the client's own (contact us if you need Driver Board).

The model P366IVN01.0 belongs under AUO's Tartan series of displays. These solutions intended for projects with screens of untypical shapes (wide-screen, as well as square or circular).

The crucial parameters of P366IVN01.0 are presented in the table below:







active area

919.3(H) x 138.9(V) mm


700 cd/m2

contrast ratio


viewing angle

89°/89°/89°/89° (IPS)

surface treatment

anti-glare, 3H

LED lifetime

70 000 h



response time

8 ms

power consumption

29.2 W

outline dimensions

951.3(H) x 170.8(V) x 18.3(D) mm

bezel width

14/14/14/14 mm


2700 g

operating temperature


display orientation



You can use AUO's P366IVN01.0 in various transport applications. In the vehicles, it can present the route with estimated time to reach the next station/stop, as well as other information, e.g., current weather conditions. At the airports or stations, it can be a valuable part of the passengers marking system leading to the proper gate/stop or baggage reclaim. However, beyond transportation, this model may be applied in digital signage or retail as an outstanding advertising medium in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Contact us to learn more about wide-screen displays by AUO.