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31.5-inch LCD by AUO with an Extended Operating Temperature Range


P320HVN07.0 is a 31.5-inch LCD, which can be profitably used in outdoor applications due to the extended operating temperature range (-20~60°C).


P320HVN07.0 is a 31.5-inch LCD of 1920x1080 resolution. The perfect readability of presented content is obtained by extended brightness (2500 cd/m2) and contrast ratio (4000:1) as well as wide viewing angle (89°/89°/89°/89°). P320HVN07.0’s operating temperature is estimated between -20 and 60°C, which guarantees the module’s proper functioning in changing atmospheric conditions both during scorching summer and frosty winter. It is also upgraded with hiTNI technology preventing 'boiling' of liquid crystals when exposed to solar radiation, which causes the loss of their features; in other words – it limits the risk of liquid crystals turning black when the device is located in a sunny spot (learn more about liquid crystals – here). It is also worth noticing that P320HVN07.0 is adapted to operate in continuous mode – 24/7; the backlight’s LEDs life time comes to at least 70 000 h.

In the table, we present the crucial parameters of P320HVN07.0:






1920x1080 px

aspect ratio


active area

698.4(H)x392.85(V) mm


2500 cd/m2

contrast ratio


viewing angles


surface treatment

anti-glare, Haze 25%, 3H



outline dimensions

721.2(H)x415.65(V)x33.8(D) mm


5200 g

bezel width

9.9/9.9/9.9/9.9 mm

operating temperature




LED life time

70 000 h

You can use P320HVN07.0 in digital signage systems, e.g.:

  • in retail, e.g., as an advertising medium in the surroundings of shopping centres,
  • in transportation – as passenger information carriers located around stations and airports, as well as on the platforms and stops,
  • in various service points, e.g., as an advertising medium in the surroundings of bars, restaurants, cafes; similar in case of, e.g., hotels.

Moreover, you can also apply P320HVN07.0 in information kiosks and totems. We usually operate such solutions by touch, so combining the display with a touch sensor and protective glass might be required – this service can be outsourced to Unisystem ( contact us to get a quotation). In the case of devices located in public space, we also advise using other forms of protection, e.g., applying anti-shatter coating (AS coating), which prevents the spreading of glass splinters when the display is smashed (learn more about coatings – here).

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