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46-inch LCD by AUO


We offer a wide array of products to apply in digital signage systems, e.g., in transportation. There is, e.g., P460HVN05.0 by AUO – a 46-inch LCD, which goes well with devices located in the space on the border between indoor and outdoor.


The crucial asset of P460HVN05.0 is brightness estimated up to 2500 cd/m2, which enables us to use this solution in intensively lighted spaces, also in the sun. It is upgraded with hiTNI technology preventing 'boiling' of liquid crystals when exposed to solar radiation, which causes the loss of their features. It reduces the risk of liquid crystals turning black when the LCD is placed in a sunny spot (learn more about liquid crystals – here). However, it is worth underlining that P460HVN05.0 – due to limited operation temperatures in the range of 0-50°C – will not be appropriate for devices intended to use in variable weather conditions, both in low and high temperatures.

In the table, we present crucial parameters of P460HVN05.0:






1920x1080 px

aspect ratio


active area

1018.08(H)x572.67(V) mm


2500 cd/m2

contrast ratio


viewing angles


surface trearment

anti-glare, Haze 25%



outline dimensions

1044.1(H)x598.7(V)x36.4(D) mm


11 000 g

bezel width

9.8/9.8/9.8/9.8 mm

operating temperature




LED life time

70 000 h


P460HVN05.0 will go well with digital signage applications, e.g., in retail, public buildings, e.g., offices, and service points, e.g., restaurants, coffee shops, as well as hotels. Our clients test the possibility of P460HVN05.0's application in transportation, including the vehicles – we surmise that this is a field in which P460HVN05.0 can be commonly used.  It is worth noticing that LCDs applied in digital signage should be extremely durable - they are intended to operate in continuous mode, 24/7. In the case of P460HVN05.0, the LED backlight failure-free operation time comes to at least 70 000 h, so about eight years of continuant functioning (learn more about LED life time – here).

How to make full use of P460HVN05.0's potential? – well, it just has to be located in the space on the border between indoor and outdoor, e.g., in the shop's windows. The high brightness will endure the sufficient readability of presented content (also in the sun) and the limited operating temperature will not be a problem for a device located indoors (in "room temperature").

If you are looking for an LCD that can be used in outdoor applications – check out P320HVN07.0 by AUO. To learn more about solutions for digital signage systems – contact us.