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Dual-Sided Displays by AUO


Dual-sided advertisement on the LCDs? No doubt, it is achievable – you just need to install two displays back-to-back. Unfortunately, this kind of constructions leaves much to be desired – they are awkward (because of their dimensions and weight) and unaesthetic (what to do with the protrusive wires?). However, it seems that such troublesome solutions will consign to history as the factory-made dual-sided displays are coming. Get to know the 55-inch PD55A and PD55B by AUO.

The construction of models PD55A and PD55B is based on a combination of two displays integrated with a backlight of unique design (called as seamless). The seamless backlight design reduces the unit’s thickness by 50% and weight by 30% (in comparison to the conventional backlight). It is worth underlining that both displays forming the dual-sided solutions are independent – on each one, you can present any, not replicated content.

The parameters of both models are almost the same. The main differences are in the enclosure finish and as its result also in dimensions and weight (PD55A – without stand, intended for dangling from the ceiling (1515.9(L)x856.8(W)x23.4(D) mm, 45,5 kg) and PD55B – with stand, in the form of the standalone kiosk (1945.7(L)x861.9(W)x23.4(D1)/62.4(D2) mm, 69 kg)).

We present the crucial parameters of these models in the table:


PD55A (without stand)

PD55B (with stand)




700 cd/m2



outline dimensions

1515.9(L)x856.8(W)x23.4(D) mm

1945.7(L)x861.9(W)x23.4(D1)/62.4(D2) mm


45 500 g

69 000 g


The dual-sided displays by AUO can be applied in digital signage, e.g., in retail, HoReCa, and public buildings such as government offices. Due to 700 cd/m2 brightness, the content presented on these screens is perfectly readable even in the intensely lighted locations, e.g., station or airport halls, as well as shopping strips.

There is at least one type of information carrier that might be displaced by dual-sided displays by AUO. We think of still popular paper or plastic posters that dangle from the ceiling (especially in shops at the time of sales). From the marketing perspective, solutions such as PD55A and PD55B are more attention-grabbing advertising media – you can use them to present vivid animations which probably would be a more effective way to engage potential customers (in comparison to static images on the posters). Moreover, there is another unquestionable asset of using the electronic solutions in the retail (also other devices that can be put into this category, e.g., smart shelves by AUO) – the information presented on their screens can be changed automatically by the central systems for the content management.

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