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Portable e-paper solution – spread the e-paper technology over the office



We often write about the advantages of e-paper displays and how widely they can be used in various types of applications - not only those most associated with paper. Today we want to mention how e-paper displays have settled in the office space.

They show the direction

Indeed, each of us has often lost the way in the maze of corridors in an office building, hospital, or university. When looking for a specific room, we often have to deal with strange numbering or illegible signs and boards that lead to our goal. The scale of this problem grows with the size of the building, and indoor navigation systems have become its solution.

Incrediscope is a worldwide innovative navigation system that uses e-paper displays. We were involved in this project in 2018 in cooperation with Visionect (more information here). In this type of application, e-paper displays perfectly replace, for example, LCD TFT displays and take full advantage of features, such as unlimited viewing angles or high contrast, which significantly improve the visibility of the displayed content.

They inform about plans

E-paper displays are used in a similar role in booking systems for conference rooms. As in the navigation systems inside buildings, they play an informative role - displaying, for example, the topic of the meeting, who is participating in it, or showing when the room is occupied. Once again, e-paper is becoming a great alternative to TFT LCDs.

They help with the identification

But e-paper displays are also an excellent replacement for traditional paper. An ideal example confirming this thesis seems to be the use of small displays as key cards for employees (the so-called badges), which are used in office buildings. They enable access control and identification of people who are in the building. E-paper labels are also becoming more and more popular in logistics, transport, and retail. The leader in this field is Lummico, whose products are offered by Unisystem (more information can be found here).

What else?

A few weeks ago, E Ink presented the result of its collaboration with Ricoh. It is the world's thinnest and lightest digital whiteboard. Sounds cliche? It is quite the opposite! White whiteboards are a common element of office and conference room furnishings. Their digital versions appeared on the market some time ago, but they are not very popular, mainly due to the price.

The presented solution is based on a 42-inch EPD Carta, which has been placed in waterproof and dustproof housing. The whole thing weighs only 5.9 kg and is 14.5 mm thick. What's more, the device is battery-powered, and thanks to the exceptional energy efficiency of e-paper, you will not have to think about replacing it for a long time. It is also worth emphasizing that our handwriting can be quickly converted into text and shared with colleagues because the product is also equipped with a WiFi module.

E-paper modules

E-paper products have been available in Unisystem's offer for years. The technological partnership with E Ink - the originator, pioneer, and world leader of this technology means that we can offer more and more modern displays and help in their implementation and make it easier. Therefore e-paper modules from the USEM series were created. These are solutions consisting of an e-paper display (E Ink), a dedicated controller, and housing (both components made by Unisystem). More information about the modules can be found here.

The development of e-paper and the emerging new possibilities of its use means that this technology is no longer associated only with e-book readers. One of the key challenges faced by the inventors of e-paper is creating new solutions that will display a wider range of colors. In 2016, E Ink, for the first time, introduced ACeP, i.e., Advanced Color ePaper - currently working on a new variant is underway.

Please contact us if you need more information about e-paper technology, its possibilities, and the products themselves.