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A new series of Litemax displays


Litemax, the leading display solution provider and the winner of National Award of Outstanding SMEs, has launched a new series of displays compatible with the Intel Smart Display Module (SMD). Solution will be available in two main lines of Durapixel and Spanpixel displays to facilitate the creation of industrial applications. The presented modules are ideally suited for use in points of sale, professional monitors, digital signage.




Size 32" 43" 55"
Resolution 3840x2160 1920x1080 1920x1080
Brightness 800 cd/m2 380 cd/m2 350 cd/m2
Viewing angle 178°(H),178°(V) 178°(H),178°(V) 178°(H),178°(V)
Video interface V-by-One LVDS LVDS
Active area 698.4x392.85 940.7x529.2 1209.6x680.4
Outline dimentions 735.4x429.8x65.3 964.7x553.1x77.5 1233x709.4x71.6
Operating temperature 0~50°C 0~50°C 0~50°C
Storage temperature -20~60°C -20~60°C -20~60°C

Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) is facing up to the needs of the latest displays, where the smallest thickness and energy efficiency of the final solution is important. Intel® SDM comes in two size options—the Intel® SDM Small (Intel® SDM–S) and Intel® SDM Large (Intel® SDM–L). This allows for new and scalable all-in-one designs that use cost-effective implementation and management of integrated Intel® processor-based media players. System does not have housing, so it can be fully integrated into visual IoT applications like bedside terminals and hospitality screens that require minimal space with maximum performance.



Outline dimentions 60 x 100 mm 175 x 110 mm
Thickness max 20 mm max 20 mm
Interface connector Card Edge Connector PCIe x8 (98 pinów) Card Edge Connector PCIe x8 (98 pinów)
Display interface HDMI, DP HDMI, DP
Chip Intel® Apollo Lake SoC on board Intel® Apollo Lake SoC on board
Temperatura pracy standardowa: 0~60°C, opcjonalna:-20~70°C, -40~70°C standardowa: 0~60°C, opcjonalna:-20~70°C, -40~70°C
Temperatura przechowywania -40~80°C -40~80°C
Dokumentacja ASDM-APL6 ASDM-APL5

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