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Rounded e-paper

E Ink, a global leader in e-paper industry, developed an interesting product for wearable devices – rounded e-paper display (ET011TT2).

It is worth to mention that the module is fully flexible and the content displayed can have four shades of gray (2 bits). Due to shape and size, the module can be a substitute for round OLEDs and used in smartwatches, control panels, and portable devices.

E-paper displays are more and more popular in consumer and industrial applications. The use of e-paper displays brings many benefits:

  • they don’t need any backlight
  • they don’t need any power to maintain displayed content, so they are extremely energy-efficient (electricity is only consumed when changing or refreshing the content)
  • can be built on flexible substrates
  • unlimited viewing angles
  • small thickness (in this case - less than 0.5mm)
  • extremely light (in this case - 0.65g)

All the features mentioned above natively predispose e-paper technology to mobile or wearable applications.

Main specification:




Screen Size



Backplane Type


Display Resolution

240 (H) × 240(V)


Active Area



Pixel Pitch

116.5(H) × 116.5(V)


Pixel Configuration


Outline Dimension

31.8(W) × 34.6(H) × 0.54(D) (W/ PF)

31.8(W) × 34.6(H) × 0.49(D) (W/O PF)


Module Weight



Number of Grays


Display Operating Mode

Reflective mode

In order to enhance work experience with the ET011TT2 display, our R&D department prepared special demoboard that can be used as:

  • A test platform for small e-paper displays – the board has a 32-bit STM32F031C6T6 microcontroller with ARM Cortex-M0 core. The microcontroller allows comprehensive testing and programming of the E Ink circular display (and other e-paper displays). The button connected to one of the GPIO ports of the mounted microcontroller can be freely programmed. The programming is done via the SWD connector, which is a standard for the STM32 microcontrollers. Additionally, the board has a LM75 temperature sensor that is used to automatically select appropriate waveform to refresh the displayed content. The board can be powered by a USB connector or a CR2032 battery.
  • A control board for e-paper displays with an external microcontroller – the board has all the elements necessary for proper e-paper operation, including the charge pump that is responsible of refreshing the displayed content. Disassembly of jumpers R11 and R4 ÷ R9 disconnects the display from the built-in microcontroller and allows using the board as a breakout board (adapter). In this configuration, the signals necessary for the control are output to the P1 gold connector. This solution allows the display to be controlled by an external microcontroller at the time when the device being built is in the prototype phase.

The board is available in two versions:

with upside connector (EPD-COMPACT-DEMO-UH)


with downside connector (EPD-COMPACT-DEMO-DH)



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