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Transflective LCD-TFT from Winstar

The Winstar offer includes a new 2.83-inch TFT LCD display using transflective technology. These types of displays are becoming more and more popular due to the very good readability in conditions of intense lighting or in direct sunlight.

A characteristic feature of this product group is a transparent reflector located in front of the internal light source. Thanks to such a solution, the light coming from outside can be reflected and used to illuminate the display.

The described module with the symbol WF0283A has a built-in HX8367-A driver, which allows you to use the MCU, SPI or RGB interface. The display has a brightness level of 500 cd/m2 and can work in the industrial temperature range (-20 to 70 C).

Transflective TFT LCD displays can work in two modes: transmission and reflective. The smooth cooperation of both modes increases the module's efficiency, which in turn translates into perfect legibility of the content even in very bright light and with the internal backlight turned off.

The use of this type of displays is indicated in applications that have limited power consumption or in solutions requiring very energy-saving management. In order to reduce the power consumption, the backlight can be turned off without losing the legibility of the content.

The table below presents the most important technical parameters of the described module: 

    Size (inch) 2.83
    Resolution 240x320
    Aspect ratio 3:4
    Brightness (cd/m²) 500
    Contrast 500
    Viewing Direction 6:00
    Orientation portrait
    Interface MCU, RGB, SPI
    Controller HX8367-A
    LED inverter none
    Mounting frame none
    Touchscreen none
    Active Area 43.2x57.6
    Outline Dimensions 50.0x69.2x2.3
    Operating temp. (°C) -20~70
    Storage temp. (°C) -30~80
    Special transflective
    Producer Winstar


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