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The WF43V series by Winstar


The successor of the WF43H model series has just appeared in Unisystem's offer - the 4.3-inch LCD-TFT display produced by Winstar, available in several different variants. Depending on the needs of the project itself, these screens can be used in many industrial as well as more consumer-like applications.

Winstar, one of the leading manufacturers of LCD and OLED displays for over 20 years, is expanding its offer again. The WF43VTIAEDNN0# model, the basic one of the series, is a 480x272 display with a 24-bit RGB interface.

The WF43V series displays will operate flawlessly in industrial temperature ranges, from -20 ℃ to 70 ℃. They are the perfect fit for all applications that use smaller touch panels - medical devices, car accessories, 3D printers, and much industrial equipment.

The most crucial model parameters can be found in the table below:



LCD type






aspect ratio


TFT interface

24-bit RGB

TFT controller



500 cd/m2

contrast ratio


viewing angle


active area

95.04(H) x 53.856(V) mm

outline dimensions

105.5(W) x 67.2(H) x 2.95(D) mm



LED lifetime

50 000 h

surface treatment


operating temperature



Selecting an appropriate model for a given project, matched to the technical specification, is easy in the case of this particular series of LCDs - from basic displays with or without a frame in the set, through the possibility of choosing the technology used for the touch panel itself (resistive or capacitive), to the increased brightness of the display (1000 cd/m2) as a possible implementation option. Several models in this series also use the O-film filter, which reduces the grayscale inversion effect, making the display readable from almost every angle.

It is also worth mentioning that it is possible to purchase any number of some basic models of the WF43V series without a predefined minimum order quantity. Contact us to find out more about the given and other solutions from Winstar.