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MPT-7000R – Industrial Panel PC by IBase (i7-6600U 6th Generation Intel® Core™ CPU, 8 GB RAM)

MPT-7000R – Industrial Panel PC by IBase (i7-6600U 6th Generation Intel® Core™ CPU, 8 GB RAM)

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  • Technical data
    CPU i7-6600U
    Model 6th Generation Intel® Core™
    Number of cores 2
    CPU clock 2.6GHz
    RAM 8 GB
    RAM type DDR4
    Flash 2x 2.5" device bay for SSD/HDD
    USB 2.0 Yes
    USB 3.0 Yes
    SIM socket Yes
    Producer IBase
    File to download MPT-7000R_Datasheet.pdf
    File to download MPT-7000R_RHV_User Manual.pdf
  • Product description

    MPT-7000R embedded computer by IBase is equipped with 2-core i7-6600U 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processor. Computer has also 8 GB DDR4 RAM, 2x 2.5" device bay for SSD/HDD and variety of interfaces. The module may work within industrial temperature range.
    IBase creates highly integrated multi-purpose solutions. The module has EN50155 certificate, so it can be used in railway applications.

    MPT-7000R - drawing


    Railway standard EN50155


    Products that possess railway standard EN50155 have to fulfill a number of requirements such as: wide range of external temperatures support, a significant vibration and shock resistance, moisture and electromagnetic interference resistance and not generating interferences that affect functioning vehicle’s equipment. Possessing this certificate is often a prerequisite that allows the module to be used in railway industry. Certification process is strongly collocated with long period of waiting and large expenditures. Certificate guarantees quality and module’s operational reliability in tough conditions.


    Industrial operating temperature range

    Wide Temperaures

    This module can operate in a stable and failure-free way for a long period within wide range of temperatures. Thanks to such option, it may be successfully applied e.g. in transportation and automotive industry.

  • Warranty

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