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EC312TT2 - Electronic Paper display from E Ink Co. (4096 colors, 31.2 , 1280x720, 47dpi)

EC312TT2 - Electronic Paper display from E Ink Co. (4096 colors, 31.2 , 1280x720, 47dpi)

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  • Technical data
    Size (inch) 31.2
    Resolution 1280x720
    Colors 4096 colors
    DPI 47
    Module Type -
    Interface SPI
    Controller -
    Power supply -
    Active Area 691.2x388.8
    Outline Dimensions 697.2x402.8x1.35
    Operating temp. (°C) 0~50
    Storage temp. (°C) -25~70
    Special none
    Producer E Ink
    File to download 31.2_A4 DM.PDF
  • Product description

    EC312TT2 display is E Ink - 4096 colors industrial e-paper module that has 1280x720 resolution and 47dpi.

    E Ink is renowned from producing top quality e-paper displays. The company is one of the largest and most recognized EPD manufacturers in the world, and a pioneer in the development of electronic ink (E Ink) technology. Products created within the revolutionary E Ink technology are readable in direct sunlight and do not need backlight or electricity to sustain the image. In addition, they characterize by high contrast, low power consumption and thin and light form. These solutions are used in the industrial and consumer applications market to create products such as e-book readers, electronic money, smart watches, digital signage, or banners.


    E-paper display can be used with available controllers:


    Visionect control board with Visionect Software Suite is a perfect way to configure the settings and create signage solution in days. The platform delivers an intuitive administration interface for managing device status in real-time. You can manage the live view of displayed content, battery performance analytics, image uploads, signal strength, and the screen tiling settings. The license for Software Suite is included with all Visionect products and solutions.

    Connect, configure, create – Visionect tools:

    • Visionect Configurator – use it to set up your solution,
    • Digital Signage App - allows to upload images,
    • Administration Interface – shows the device behavior,
    • existing APIs - for effortless integration and allows for seamless device control and optimization.

    Here you can find the specification of all Visionect products.


    MpicoSys designs minimalistic, ultra-low power e-paper controllers called TCM (Timing Controller Modules). These modules control e-paper display at the lowest level. These modules control e-paper display at the lowest level, it gives a user simple SPI interface for loading a content to the display. Undoubted advantage is the fact that operating on TCM is very similar to exploitation of display controllers from other well-known technologies. Such solution allows the user to match e-paper display to its hardware environment.

    MpicoSys launched also USB2TCM converter - a board with USB connector that enables connecting TCM to computer and using the converter as a mass storage memory. Uploading an image is possible just after mounting the converter in OS (Operating System) as USB2TCM will push the content to display via TCM controller.


    Unlimited viewing angles

    Unlimited viewing angles

    EPD displays do not have a liquid-crystal matrix which limits the viewing angles to a certain extent. Thanks to the technology used (adjustable capsules with multi-color ink), e-paper makes the illusion that the content is printed on its surface. Watching EPD at any angle is virtually no different than viewing printed sheet of paper.


    Extra color

    Extra color

    The widespread standard in e-paper technology is black-and-white display. Currently, the majority of EPD applications are based on two-color modules, e.g. popular Kindle e-reader by Amazon. However, the technological development results in increase of tri-color displays popularity on the market. An additional color (red) is certainly an element that makes the content more attractive and draws the customer's attention to significant information.


    Holds image without power consumption

    Holds image without power consumption

    EPD (Electronic Paper Display) technology is defined as bistable. This means that each e-paper matrix cell may occur in one of two available states and no electrical energy is required to maintain displayed content, e.g. cells in black-and-white display arrange in a way to display black (state ‘0’) or white (state ‘1’) color. Energy is only needed to change the cells position, simplifying - to change the display image. Thanks to this feature, EPD technology is a perfect solution in applications where content is changed relatively rarely (e.g. e-prices, e-timetables, e-readers, smart watches and more).


    Ultra low power consumption

    Ultra low power consumption EPD

    Exceptionally low power consumption of e-paper displays in comparison to standard LCD TFT modules results from the two characteristics of this technology. Firstly, EPD (Electronic Paper Display) does not require backlight what significantly reduces energy consumption. Secondly, e-paper consumes electricity only when changing the displayed content. It is a significant advantage over LCDs (the displayed content needs a continuous power supply in order to be visible) when it comes to energy efficiency.


    Excellent sunlight readability

    Excellent Readibility

    E-paper displays, like the real paper, are perfectly legible in the sunlight. This property is due to their design and applied technology. The EPD (Electronic Paper Display) is a reflective display which means that it reflects light from the environment. The brighter the exterior, the more clearly the human eye perceives the displayed content. It can be assumed that if the image on standard paper is readable under the lighting conditions, then on e-paper also.



    Ultrathin EPD

    EPD (Electronic Paper Display) technology does not require backlight. This feature affects the thickness of the entire module - in some models it is even less than 1 mm. Modern ultrathin displays are much more convenient and versatile in design and assembly, providing a result consistent with the latest industrial design and trends.

  • Warranty

    Please be advised that all products presented in our online store are covered by one year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty period is valid from the date of the sale. In case of any doubt or to obtain technical assistance, please contact our Sales Department.

    The product photos presented on www.unisystem.pl website reflect the actual state of the device. However, the colors shown on the photos are only demonstrative due to variable display techniques. Presented colors may slightly differ from those shown in the photos.


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