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Single Board Computers

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Single Board Computer (SBC) is a combination of high-scale integration and compact size. Mini PCs have been created as a response to the need of changing in some applications single-chip microcontrollers into more advanced and flexible solutions that use existing operating systems. Apart from the possibility of using popular operating systems, they are based on well-known PC architecture, support standard serial interfaces and enable using graphics and ready-made tools.

SBC is a perfect choice for customers who need high-performance and small size embedded solutions. It suits perfectly to industrial control panels and automation, e-kiosks, medical industry, digital signage, transportation, casino machines, POS, cash registers and many other applications.

We are an authorized representative of Advantech, DFI Co. and Wynmax Co. To select appropriate components, we invite you to contact us and visit the manufacturers’ webpages:



  1. Atom (1)
  2. Celeron (2)
  3. Core i7 (1)
  4. Xeon (1)
  1. 4 GB (1)
  2. max 8 GB (2)
  3. max 32 GB (1)
  4. max 64 GB (1)
  1. LVDS (5)
  2. DP (3)
  3. HDMI (5)
  4. VGA (2)
Operating system
  1. Windows 10 (5)
Form factor
  1. Pico-ITX (2)
  2. SBC 3.5" (3)
  1. Advantech (5)

Grid List Table

Name Model Number of cores RAM Flash Interface Operating system Form factor Attachments
MIO-2360 Intel Celeron N3350 2 max 8 GB SATA3, mSATA LVDS, HDMI, VGA Windows 10 Pico-ITX
MIO-2361 Intel Atom x5-E3940 2 4 GB SATA3, mSATA LVDS, HDMI Windows 10 Pico-ITX
MIO-5373 Intel Core i7-8665UE 4 max 32 GB SATA3 LVDS, DP, HDMI Windows 10 SBC 3.5"
MIO-5393 Intel Xeon E-2276ME 6 max 64 GB SATA3, M.2 B-Key 2280/3042 LVDS, DP, HDMI Windows 10 SBC 3.5"
PCM-9366 Intel Celeron N3350 2 max 8 GB SATA3, M.2 B-Key, mSATA LVDS, DP, HDMI, VGA Windows 10 SBC 3.5"

Grid List Table