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WF32CTLAJDNT0# - LCD-TFT display from Winstar Co. (3.2 inches, 240x320, ILI9341 controller, resistive touch screen)

WF32CTLAJDNT0# - LCD-TFT display from Winstar Co. (3.2 inches, 240x320, ILI9341 controller, resistive touch screen)

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  • Technical data
    Size (inch) 3.2
    Resolution 240x320
    Aspect ratio 3:4
    Brightness (cd/m²) 180
    Contrast 500
    Viewing Direction 6:00
    Orientation portrait
    Interface SPI, parallel
    Controller ILI9341
    LED inverter none
    Mounting frame none
    Touchscreen resistive
    Active Area 48.6x64.8
    Outline Dimensions 54.04x77.6x2.65
    Operating temp. (°C) -20~70
    Storage temp. (°C) -30~80
    Special none
    Producer Winstar
    File to download WF32CTLAJDNT0#.pdf
  • Product description

    ATTENTION: This product has MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) that is 500 pieces.

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    WF32CTLAJDNT0# is 3.2-inch LCD-TFT display module with 240x320 resolution (portrait view) from Winstar Co. and ILI9341 controller, that enables using the following interfaces: parallel and SPI. The module is equipped with an Edge LED backlight, resistive touch screen. The display characterizes with a brightness of 180 cd/m², a static contrast ratio of 500:1 and an ability to work in the industrial temperature range (-20~70°C).

    WF32CTLAJDNT0# - drawing


    Industrial operating temperature range

    Wide Temperaures

    This module can operate in a stable and failure-free way for a long period within wide range of temperatures. Thanks to such option, it may be successfully applied e.g. in transportation and automotive industry.


    ILI9341 Controller


    Thanks to integrated TFT ILITEK ILI9341 controller, user can easily control the display using configurable MCU 8080/6800(8-bit/9-bit/16-bit/18-bit) and SPI (3-wire 9-bit/4-wire 8-bit) interfaces. Inbuilt commands allow to display directly any graphics even using the simplest processor. Display with ILI9341 controller is easy and simple to implement.


    Resistive touch screen


    Resistive touch screen operates using not only touch (like in case of capacitive screens) but also pressure power. Thanks to such solution, it is less susceptible to noise and water and widely used wherever external factors may interfere displays work, e.g. in marine industry, transportation or mining. Automatic pressure detection makes possible changing the action depending on time and/or power of touch pressure, e.g. varying drawn lines thickness.

  • Warranty

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