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EOL 2020 - WF43QTIBEDBCB# - LCD-TFT display from Winstar Co. (4.3 inches, 480x272, SSD1963 controller, capacitive touch screen, LED inverter, mounting frame)

EOL 2020 - WF43QTIBEDBCB# - LCD-TFT display from Winstar Co. (4.3 inches, 480x272, SSD1963 controller, capacitive touch screen, LED inverter, mounting frame)

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  • Technical data
    Size (inch) 4.3
    Resolution 480x272
    Aspect ratio 16:9
    Brightness (cd/m²) 400
    Contrast 350
    Viewing Direction 12:00
    Orientation landscape
    Interface parallel
    Controller SSD1963
    LED inverter yes
    Mounting frame yes
    Touchscreen capacitive
    Active Area 95.04x53.856
    Outline Dimensions 106.7x83.98x8.76
    Operating temp. (°C) -20~70
    Storage temp. (°C) -30~80
    Special none
    Producer Winstar
    File to download WF43QTIBEDBCB#.pdf
  • Product description
    EOL - This product has "End Of Life" status. This means that the product is no longer manufactured.

    ATTENTION: This product has MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) that is 500 pieces.

    For most products with MOQ, you can order smaller quantities (trial). For more details please contact us.


    WF43QTIBEDBCB# is 4.3-inch LCD-TFT display module with 480x272 resolution (landscape view) from Winstar Co. and SSD1963 controller, that enables using the following interfaces: parallel. The module is equipped with an Edge LED backlight, capacitive touch screen, LED inverter, mounting frame. The display characterizes with a brightness of 400 cd/m², a static contrast ratio of 350:1 and an ability to work in the industrial temperature range (-20~70°C).

    WF43QTIBEDBCB# - drawing


    Industrial operating temperature range

    Wide Temperaures

    This module can operate in a stable and failure-free way for a long period within wide range of temperatures. Thanks to such option, it may be successfully applied e.g. in transportation and automotive industry.


    Easier installation

    Mounting Frame

    Display possesses mounting holes for easier device’s installation. The holes may be in a form of mounting ears or gaps in display. For more details, please refer to drawing documentation.


    SSD1963 Controller


    SSD1963 controller has an inbuilt memory with capacity of 1215 kB that facilitates support of TFT displays with maximum resolution of 864x480 pixels. Thanks to using unified 36-pin connector, user can apply different display sizes. Additionally, controller is equipped with parallel interface and inbuilt LED converter.


    Capacitive touch screen


    Capacitive touch screen reacts on touch. Power of pressure is not required. Its surface is built from glass what facilitates cleaning and makes the module resistant on scratches. Additionally, capacitive touch screens have a multitouch function, better and better cope with water and dirt on the surface and their price continues to fall. Displays of this type are also available in uxTouch version (with customized decor glass).


    Unified connector

    Unified Connector

    Thanks to using unified connector, it is easier to change display’s model

  • Warranty

    Please be advised that all products presented in our online store are covered by one year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty period is valid from the date of the sale. In case of any doubt or to obtain technical assistance, please contact our Sales Department.

    The product photos presented on www.unisystem.pl website reflect the actual state of the device. However, the colors shown on the photos are only demonstrative due to variable display techniques. Presented colors may slightly differ from those shown in the photos.


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